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Mobile and Enterprise Application Development

Rapid Time to Market Development

Cutting Edge Technologies

Our developers work with the latest and greatest technologies allowing you to take advantage of Senior Developer knowledge while paying Junior Developer prices

Three People for
the Price of One

Work with us and instead of getting one developer at a competitive rate, you get a developer, project manager and a senior developer to code review the work!

Weekly Feedback
and Reviews

Every week you have a chance to give feedback and a rating for the progress acheived to date while paying your invoice.  We use that to modify our approach and even team members as needed.

We've Seen it All and We've Done it All

Maybe not "all", but we have over hundreds of years of collective experience and we can not only tackle any development task, we can offer solutions that you may not have considered.


Easily ADD or REMOVE developers as your needs change

Our Services


After signing an NDA our developers work on cloud-based virtual machines. This protects your data, code and access. When the project is complete, the machine is deleted and your data and code is safe and secure.

Three Man Teams

Each developer comes with a project manager who will attend meetings, present deliverables, and is the go-between for your company and the developer. While the developer is heads down taking care of tasks, your project manager is understanding your business needs, and giving daily progress updates. Each week a senior developer reviews the developers work to ensure quality control.


Need more developers?  Need less?  Every week you can scale up or down - just like your infrastructure! Just give us a weeks' notice and we'll line up your developers.

Architecture Recommendations

When the time comes to consider new technologies we can make recommendations that make sense for your business.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution and we're not married to any technology.  We present the best options for YOU and work with you to implement them.

About Us

We have provided software development services to some of the top companies in the Tampa Bay area for the last 10 years.  Our expertise has enabled companies to focus on what they do best and provided the support to meet deadlines and allowed them to acheive overall strategic goals.

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Phone: +1 (813) 995-7599